Incase you were wondering what I’m doing right now.
She said don’t move, and then sent me this. All I know now is that I need a haircut. #mohawk
I’ve been waiting for today for over six months and it’s finally here #idkwhyitsblue #realsmile #actuallyhappy #gooddaytocome
Thank you @adamhrothe for my new #tattoo! I love it! #rockyhorrorpictureshow #freshink
#blonde #mohawk #naked #dontcare
From yesterday, the focus makes me giggle #DARE

Dat asssss, because of so many requests

Just finished seeing this shirt for my friends birthday, gunna go ride my bike to bring it to her now as a surprise~ #diy #ribcage
I made my dream spirit hood, and holy fuck it’s coming along perfectly
This is my “I really have to go to the fucking mall” face.
I’m sitting in front of the window on a rainy day, don’t ask why I’m washed out

I suck at trying to make the same pose, but one year apart all that’s really changed is my hair

I have a second head, and I made a chair rail that looks quite nice yesterday